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Eat what you are

05 Jun 2017
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What is pharmacogenomics?

Understanding an individual's genetics can help doctors to more accurately determine which drug and which dose is best for a patient.

22 May 2016 • By Sara TiefenbrunRead More

The growth of precision medicine

The potential for precision medicine to improve care and speed the development of new treatments has only just begun to be tapped.

06 May 2016Read More

How genes can prevent exercise from making an impact

Short sharp bursts of exercise can benefit some people while longer stints benefit others. But how much benefit you get from either may well depend on your genes.

30 Apr 2016 • By Sara TiefenbrunRead More

Genetics: the new norm in healthcare… soon

Business Class talks with Dr Lior Rauchberger about genomics and the role of pharmacy in education and advice, and first‑step testing.

29 Apr 2016Read More

Safer and more effective prescribing

The Challenge myDNA, in collaboration with Melbourne Health, has pioneered a pharmacogenomic decision support tool that links a patient’s DNA results with known drug metabolic profiles using the software system to predict likely individual drug performance, and to provide a treatment decision support tool for doctors. This system is a secure web based system that ...

19 Apr 2016Read More

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