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Eat what you are

05 Jun 2017
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myDNA pharmacy testing

Chemmart stores throughout Australia are offering a genetic test that may help identify medications and dosing tailored to the individual.

03 Feb 2016Read More

Personalised prescribing promises to save mental health millions

Patients' lives and half a billion dollars a year could be saved across Australia's mental health hospital services if a new regime of tailoring prescriptions to individuals' genes was widely used, a Melbourne trial has found.

07 Feb 2015Read More

DNA test gives Holloways Beach’s Lee Golding a new lease of life

A Holloways Beach man is urging Far North residents to take up a revolutionary DNA test which granted him a new lease on life after a decade of chronic back pain. Lee Goldring was 38 when a work accident left him with three protruding discs in his lower back, only able to sleep about three ...

10 Oct 2014Read More

Simple genes test may cut overdose toll

A Melbourne geneticist has developed a test that can show if a patient is metabolising prescription drugs too slowly or too quickly. He says it could help reduce overdose deaths.

26 Oct 2013Read More

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