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DNA the key to caffeine sensitivity

SCIENCE now has the answer to whether you can enjoy that espresso after dinner — or whether you should steer clear of having energy drinks. A new genetic test can discover how sensitive you are to caffeine, using saliva to pinpoint DNA markers and reveal how your body breaks down caffeine.

15 Nov 2016Read More

Easing the burden on mental health patients

As more and more Australians are using anti-depressants, or medications associated with mental illness, the time is right for a re-think on the approach to treatment of these conditions. Eighty-nine Australians in every 1,000 are now prescribed some form of daily anti-depressant, but 10 years ago the rate was closer to 45 – near enough ...

14 Oct 2016Read More

Dr Lior Rauchberger on personalised healthcare

Dr Lior Rauchberger, Health Futurist from myDNA, talks us through interpreting patient DNA to create personalised healthcare for our patients.

28 Sep 2016Read More

Genetics: the new norm in healthcare… soon

Business Class talks with Dr Lior Rauchberger about genomics and the role of pharmacy in education and advice, and first‑step testing.

29 Apr 2016Read More

Safer and more effective prescribing

The Challenge myDNA, in collaboration with Melbourne Health, has pioneered a pharmacogenomic decision support tool that links a patient’s DNA results with known drug metabolic profiles using the software system to predict likely individual drug performance, and to provide a treatment decision support tool for doctors. This system is a secure web based system that ...

19 Apr 2016Read More

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