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Swisse’s Radek Sali looks for next health kick at myDNA

Having already ridden one health wave, Radek Sali of vitamins outfit Swisse, is jumping on the next big growth opportunity: personalised genetic medicine. Sali, who sold Swisse to Hong Kong-listed Biostime International for $1.7 billion in 2015, has led a $10 million fundraising round for Melbourne genetics company myDNA, as first reported by Street Talk ...

03 May 2017Read More

Treating depression with the right medication – first time

Grief is the most natural human response to loss, and each individual’s experience with it is unique. Therefore, it is no surprise the way in which we respond to it is unique also. For many, overcoming loss is a healing process that can be met with time, yet for others it is more complex, has ...

07 Apr 2017Read More

Easing the burden on mental health patients

As more and more Australians are using anti-depressants, or medications associated with mental illness, the time is right for a re-think on the approach to treatment of these conditions. Eighty-nine Australians in every 1,000 are now prescribed some form of daily anti-depressant, but 10 years ago the rate was closer to 45 – near enough ...

14 Oct 2016Read More

Our founder’s story

"For certain drugs there’s a very big difference between people and how they process them. And that can’t be predicted without a test.” Assoc Prof Les Sheffield

20 Jun 2016 • By Sara TiefenbrunRead More

Personalised prescribing promises to save mental health millions

Patients' lives and half a billion dollars a year could be saved across Australia's mental health hospital services if a new regime of tailoring prescriptions to individuals' genes was widely used, a Melbourne trial has found.

07 Feb 2015Read More

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